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Leading providers of Onsite Chair Massage in London. Reduce back, shoulder and neck tension in just 15 minutes.

LotusTouch was set up in 2007 by two life-long friends, and fellow massage therapists, Lily and Robyn. Their dream was epic: Change the world through the transformative power of massage. They now have a fantastic team of like-minded individuals, ready to work their magic at your office or event at the drop of a hat.

Robyn and Lily have been a solid team since 1987 (aged 3) and have worked together as LotusTouch since 2007. Whenever they are available, they will be the therapists arriving at your office or event. Of all the elements involved in running a business, providing the massage is their favourite.

Meet the Directors

Favourite part of massage
The arms and hands. I always forget how wonderful this feels till I have it done!

Favourite word : Discombobulated
Childhood Nickname :
King Kong

Favourite part of massage
Having the knots worked out of my shoulders.

Favourite word :
Childhood Nickname :
Lily Properly

What’s in a name? Why are we called LotusTouch?

When we set up our company, we knew that finding the right name was key. After many a mind map and brain storm, we were excited to agree on LotusTouch, so why is this name so special to us?

Part 1 LOTUS

1. The Lotus flower is the ultimate symbol of positive transformation. It thrives in the muddiest swamps but emerges beautiful and unsullied. Over centuries, many have used the Lotus as an analogy of the power that each person possesses, to be able to use difficult situations as the fuel to create something wonderful. The muddier the swamp, or more challenging the situation, the more beautiful the flower, or life that can be created.
2. The Lotus flower is also special because it produces fruit and blossom at the same time. This concept, often described as the simultaneity of cause and effect, teaches that when we make a cause, the effect is also manifested immediately in the depths of our lives.

How does this relate to massage? Very closely…
1. The more stressed a person, the more dramatic the difference we can achieve through relieving their tense shoulders, lowering their blood pressure and boosting their endorphins.
2. We wanted LotusTouch to be like the lotus flower, going to the muddiest swamps, challenging work places, and transforming them into creative environments where people can do their best.
3. The simultaneous benefit of massage. You have a massage and not only do you feel the benefits tomorrow, but it also feels really great immediately.

Part 2 TOUCH

The second part of our name, ‘Touch’ is probably a little bit more obvious.
As massage therapists, we specialise in touch, the first sense to develop in the foetus and the only sense that doesn’t lose its potency with age.

1. Scientists have proven that touch lowers stress levels, boosts the immune system and halts or slows the progress of disease.
2. Experiments showed that a hormone called Oxytocin is released by social physical contact. This hormone reduces blood pressure, increases pain thresholds and promotes growth and healing.

Massage is still a relatively novel idea to most people in the West. Seen as a luxury it is often sidelined for ‘a few pints in the pub’, but studying the importance of ‘touch’ alone it seems that as a society we are in more need of touch than most. One study that highlighted the English lack of physical contact examined different coffee houses around the world. During a one hour sitting 180 touchings were observed for Puerto Ricans, 110 for French, none for English and 2 for Americans. This may be explained by the fact that we live in a low-context culture, somewhere where we favour words over other means of expression, perhaps this a reason why we have such a rich literary history, but unfortunately it does mean that we are missing out on the feel-good touch benefits listed above.