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What type of massage do LotusTouch provide?

The LotusTouch massage was designed by Lily and Robyn, incorporating elements of Indian Head Massage, Thai Massage, Swedish Massage and Acupressure.

Indian Head Massage

Sometimes referred to as Champissage, Indian Head Massage has a long history beginning in Indian families. The treatment focuses on scalp massage and can include the face, shoulders, arms, hands and upper back. The main aims of Indian Head Massage are to reduce stress, relieve tension and rebalance energy levels. Indian Head Massage is often done through light clothing without the use of oils. The elements of Indian Head Massage that the LotusTouch Mobile Massage take inspiration from include:

Providing Massage in a seated position
Working on the areas of the Head, Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back, Upper Arms.

Thai Massage

In Thailand, Thai massage is referred to as ‘nuat phaen boran’ and it involves stretching and deep massage. When studying Thai Massage the student learns the key Meridian lines of the body, as Thai massage is given along these lines pressing specific points to remove energy blockages and tension.

Traditionally it is performed without oils and the client will wear comfortable clothing all the way through the treatment. It is a wonderful technique for keeping the body supple and healthy. Many Thai people have regular massage to stay fit and healthy rather than to recover from illness, injury or too much stress. The elements of Thai Massage that the LotusTouch Mobile Massage takes inspiration from include:

Providing the massage without oil to clothed clients
Stretching and Deep Massage on high tension areas
Designed to work along several key Meridian lines.

Swedish Massage

In Sweden, Swedish Massage is referred to as ‘classic massage.’ Per Henrik Ling is credited with the development of this style of massage; perhaps the best known massage therapy in the UK. Swedish Massage uses long, flowing strokes to massage. The techniques consist of gliding techniques (effleurage,) kneading (petrissage,) rhythmic tapping (tapotement,) cross fiber (friction) and vibration/shaking. This type of massage is often used as a relaxing treat, to reduce pain, joint stiffness and muscle tension. The client is lying down and covered with towels, with the massage therapist working directly on the skin with oils. The elements of Swedish Massage that the LotusTouch Mobile Massage takes inspiration from include:

The techniques of Effleurage, Petrissage and Tapotement.


Acupressure is a blend of Acupuncture and pressure. There are four to five hundred acupoints along the body’s 14 main energy meridian lines. An acupressure therapist applies pressure to specific points using a thumb, elbow or stick (not a needle) to unblock the flow of energy and relieve tension. The elements of Acupressure that the LotusTouch Mobile Massage takes inspiration from include:

Work on the key acupressure points to relieve stress, promote a feeling of well being and increase energy levels.

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