How do you feel when your alarm goes off on Monday morning? Rested and ready to take on the week ahead. In fact, plain grateful to be alive.
Like pressing the snooze alarm... With a huge Hammer!

What are your work day addictions? I wouldn't say addictions, but I do drink herbal teas and water, eat ryebread and wheatgrass, love the sunshine and well, life
Coffee, tea, redbull, facebook, twitter, linkedin, chocolate, biscuits, alcohol, tobacco, youtube...

How do you feel travelling to work? Road Rage, Bus Rage, Tube Rage, Pedestrian Rage, Free Newspaper Rage
What a great opportunity to read my book, listen to music and podcasts. Sometimes I even end up having a lovely chat with the person next to me.

How do you make it through Friday? Caffeine, no breaks, lunch at desk, monosyllabic answers, melodramatic outbursts and a massive battle to finish in time to get to the pub for one (or six) drinks
Gliding through the day, completely in rhythm, super productive. A great way to end the week and start to a well deserved weekend :-)

What does your weekend off mean to you? A lovely opportunity to catch up on rest, friends and relaxation.
Thank god I'm not at work with those awful people. Better make the most of this oasis by letting my hair down and swapping sleep for partying!!