How to get the perfect office massage

Trying new things can often be daunting, especially if you're introducing something new to your place of work. All eyes on you; if it's amazing, you're a hero, if it's a complete flop you're off everyone's Christmas list. As the effects of the last two years squeeze work related pressure, stress levels and productivity to the max, more and more companies are looking for a way to help their employees relax and re-motivate. These companies have realised that they spend a lot more money on sick days and retraining than on looking after their treasured teams. One of the things they've turned to is Office Massage. If you're considering giving it a go, here are a few tips to get the best possible service.

1. What kind of massage do you want? For many people the traditional view of massage is something that doesn't quite fit with an office environment, but there are companies that specifically provide treatments for the workplace. They tend to be seated (rather than lying on a massage couch,) without the use of oils and about 15 minutes long. The aim is to relax and re-energise, not send you all to sleep.

2. Look around, google is a great source of information but remember to read reviews, peek at the website, does this look like a company that would suit your office? Do they look friendly and relaxed? Or would you prefer corporate and formal? Ask friends who have a similar treatment if they can recommend the company they use.

3. Once you've chosen your company, make contact; ask if they have any special offers for first time clients. If they are confident in their massage therapists and looking for new clients some companies will even offer a free trial visit to convince you.

4. Ask your company what their appointment policy is, some companies will only work on a first come first served basis, some will ask you to create a list of people who want treatments, some will even have an online appointments page, which will allow your colleagues to book their own slots.

5. Book a meeting room and a slot for your massage (don't get so busy organising that you miss out!)to book their own slots.

6. Send a reminder to your team the day before the massage to make sure everyone's in the office and ENJOY!