We are a bespoke massage company so please send us a quote request with the details of your ideal massage.

If you’re stuck for ideas feel free to browse two example packages:

Revival Massage

Designed to release key areas of tension built up by long hours of high pressure work. This package is perfect for busy, fast moving offices whose employees need to destress and relieve work related pain, revitalise the spirit and come out feeling productive and inspired. 

Perfect for a weekly boost.

10 minute massage treatments focussing on head, neck, shoulders and upper back.


Office Massage Package 10 minute massage treatments

Relaxation Massage

This package is designed to completely relax and reboot employees. Ergonomic chairs, relaxing music and aromatherepy oils are all included in this package.

Perfect for a monthly treat or team incentive.

20 minute massage treatments that work on the head, neck, shoulders, upper back, arms and hands. If within these areas there are particularly tight or painful points these can be focussed on. 

Office Massage Packages for 20 minute treatments