Conference Massage 

Conference Massages is the perfect treat for your delegates because it:

+ Keeps everyone stimulated and alert,

+ Ensures your conference is talked about for months to come with positive brand association,

+ Is needed! Statistics show that a quarter of working people have taken sick leave due to stress.

It is great for break times or throughout the conference if you would like delegates to slip out for their treatments. 

The LotusTouch Massage takes inspiration from Indian Head Massage, Thai Massage, Swedish Massage and Acupressure, focusing on the head, neck, shoulders and back - the areas that store the most stress. 

Our massage helps to reduce stress and release energy leaving you feeling re-centred and more like a human being! They are ideal for reviving tired bodies and minds, and make a great treat for your delegates.

We can offer any length of massage you desire though for this situation we suggest anything between 5 and 20 minute treatments.

To download a PDF with details of our Conference Massage services, please click below. 

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Exhibition Massage 

Exhibition Stand Massage

Exhibition Massage is a wonderful crowd puller; the perfect way to stand out above your competition. Many exhibition stands offer give-aways, but few leave their potential customers relaxed and happy.

You will find that after a massage even the most closed person is open to a friendly conversation with you. We can offer any length of treatments you desire, though for this situation we recommend between 5 and 20 minute massages. 


Exhibition Hall Massage

If you are running an exhibition and are looking for the perfect way to pamper your guests, we have several options for you:

Our therapists wear a uniform branded by your company or one of your sponsors, providing free massage so that your customers leave the exhibition feeling completely pampered and with a positive association with your brand.

You could add us onto your Sponsorship options for new sponsors. Providing such a personal, luxury service is the ultimate in experiential marketing. 

If you would rather provide the service at no added cost to yourselves, we can also work on an individual donation basis where each customer pays for their own massage (of which 10% goes to the charity of your choice).

For a quote or to ask us any questions please click here.

 To download a very pretty PDF with details of our Exhibition Massage services, please click below. 

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