ustwo™ has been one of our wonderful clients since 2008. We sat down with their Commercial Manager Cat Searby to ask her some questions about their experience of LotusTouch massage treatments over the years. Cat has worked at ustwo™ since 2007,  and the company has been enjoying monthly massage ever since. 

ustwo™ is a digital user interface design company; the hours are long (typically 8:30-18:30) and the pressure is high, but the employees are motivated and passionate.

Cat describes the company as “a young and flexible company, open to trying new things with a really positive attitude to staff welfare,” they have a dedicated welfare budget which is used for treats ranging from summer holidays, a beer fridge, five a side football yoga and our monthly massage.

L: What do you think the benefits of monthly massage are?

C: I think it’s very healthy for our staff to be able to step away from their desks, take a proper break and then go back to their work feeling refreshed. It pays for itself as they’re always more proactive after. I like to think that a break from work gives us all time to think more creatively and approach our work, when needs, be from a different angle.

L: Do the massage treatments make a difference to how you feel?

C: Personally I used to suffer from a stiff back and shoulders, but with regular massages I've really felt the difference. My back and shoulders certainly know when I've missed one of the massages. They also really help me to relax - a great calming influence generally.

L: Have you noticed any changes throughout the studio since the massages started?

C: I definitely think the massages help encourage a more contemplative atmosphere throughout the working day. Any newbie starting work at ustwo™ is blown away by the lengths we go to to keep our staff happy and the massages really help make ustwo™ a great place to work - so thanks for playing a part in that.

L: Why do you use LotusTouch and not another company?

C: Because mills, one of our directors, was so impressed after we used you for a one off event, he insisted we make massages regular and that we only use LotusTouch.

L: Do you feel that you get a return on investment with LotusTouch massage?

C: Yeah, without a doubt.

L: Would you recommend LotusTouch to another company

C: Yes, definitely.

L: What could we do differently to improve the service for you?

C: No, the service is perfect.