One of the most frequent comments I hear when giving office massage, is how much difference it makes and the query, “why don’t I make more time for it?” often follows shortly after. Even I, co-founder of a massagecompany, with a list of incredible therapists at my fingertips, used to find it difficult to make it a priority. Sometimes, I would have regular treatments, once a month, and then suddenly I would go a year without one at all.

In fact, not just massage, anything whose sole purpose was to treasure my life, sometimes slipped so far down the priority list, it fell off. Eating properly, sleeping properly, doing exercise, if I was busy enough,I would run out of time for all these things.

Then in 2016, I experienced a bout of Depression that lasted about 6 months . This was one of the most difficult things I have experienced and through the process of healing, I started to learn that, for me, selfcare is not optional. I am not a machine and I cannot live in a way where I drive myself into the ground.

I began to try to fit in self care, but though this might effect change for a month or so, I would fall back into old habits. Eventually I realised that while looking after myself remained “a nice thing to do”, I would never find the time for it, amongst all my obligations. It needed to become a priority and so I began to make it one. The same way I would ensure I took care of the basic needs of a child, I began to do that for myself. And sometimes, my list of things to do, did not get finished. For the first time in my life. But I did begin to go on walks, take myself on date days, go to Art Galleries, have massage, cook fresh food. And strangely enough, I did not find myself becoming lazy and unproductive (which is what I think my subconscious secretly thought.)

Making self care a priority meant, at first, while I was healing and recovering from depression, I did take some time where I was working only half days. For this last year, I have been back working full, rich, exciting days, and I also place my self care as a priority. I am certainly as productive as I was before I was ill and I am a lot happier.

Having gone through this experience, I have even more respect for our clients, who choose to provide workplace massage for their employees. In offices, meeting rooms, staff rooms, communal areas, a massage therapistcan now often be found once a quarter, once a month or once a week providing Indian Head massage. Our clients are aware that their incredible employees are the best asset they have and are worth treasuring. And we are so so grateful to be able to contribute towards that.