I read Lily’s blog post and it inspired me to share with you my massage journey too.

After I finished university in 2005, I went on a 4 month world trip, visiting South America, Australasia and Asia. One place that was particularly moving for me was Chang Mai, in Thailand. I found it rich with culture, warm and accessible. Pre-recession, the pound was strong, so I think I had a massage every day, even on my back packers budget(!) I enjoyed the experience of massage immensely, and also experienced a tremendous feeling of well being that came along with it. It started to dawn on me, what a wonderful gift it was to receive that I would love to learn to give it too.

My travelling friend and I signed up for a Thai Massage course and a Foot Reflexology course with a Thai woman called Timmy. She was (and remains) one of the most extraordinary woman I have ever met. She gave and taught massage during the day and at night she worked as a radio DJ, I’m not sure when she slept! She had experienced great tradegy the year before we met, having lost her precious daughter in a car accident. There was a deep sadness in her, alongside her kindness and her wish to contribute to the happiness of every person she met. She was a wonderful teacher.

When I returned to London in January, it’s grey demeanor took me by surprise. We were so much wealthier than every one I have met over the past four months and we all seemed miserable. I was determined not to forget the incredible lessons I had learnt while I was travelling. And of course, I haven’t. When something is etched into your being, it becomes a part of you.

So I was back in London, without a home and unemployed. Through a chain of support of friends old and new, I got a job working with an event massage company. While I worked for them, I became aware that I would like to learn in more depth, so I also took a course in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage at City and Islington College. For two years, this job supported be to build my based in London and even enabled me to meet my now husband. Over time, there were more and more moments, when I felt that if it were up to me, I would have made different choices on how to run the company I was working for. Eventually it became time to part ways with them and with Lily finally in London, we began the exciting adventure of creating LotusTouch.