Providing office massage, gives us the opportunity to visit and observe many different workplaces.

There are a few things the most successful of these companies have in common.

Workplaces where we find the happiest employees have a high level of flexibility, trust and appreciation. They may have flexi work hours, starting their working day between 7 and 10am, finishing between 4 and 7pm. This allows employees to do the morning or evening school run, skip the rush hour commute, attend a doctors appointment, or work late into the evening when inspiration hits, safe in the knowledge they can come in a little later the following day. As long as the project is delivered to the highest standard, the company trusts them to manage their own time in this way.

The attitude is about producing a great piece of work together on time, rather than needing to control hours and enforce work on unwilling employees. Often, when a company ethos is geared in this way, employees are really happy to put in the time, effort and creativity because they want to create something they are proud of.

Appreciation is another biggie. When employees have worked harder through longer hours towards a big deadline, it is important that that has been acknowledged, with a Thank You and perhaps an employee treat, like office massage, pizza friday or a team evening out is really welcome.

Speaking of team adventures, some of the companies we have found that have the happiest employees are those that have a social, a few times a year; an opportunity to get to know each other a little, outside of the time pressured environment that they work in.

Some companies have break out or creativity areas. Table football, or a book case of treasures, where people put inspiring objects, photos or books. To be able to create well, we need to have the mental space to be inspired and when we are constantly feeling under pressure, that doesn’t happen.

Sometimes, providing office massage, we find employees with persistent pain in their shoulders, arms or wrists. Often a great first step in this situation is to have a desk assessment done to see if they are working in the right position or in a way that may be causing them problems? Companies that listen and respond with the thought process: “my employee is in pain, how can I help fix this?” are a great treasure. Untreated, these symptoms can progress into RSI or chronic pain.

We have found that when employees are happier, they stay with a company for years, produce creative and innovative work, are enthusiast about training up new employees, have a great rapport with the clients and help to build a happier work place.

So obviously where we stand is clear; deeply treasure your employees and they will treasure their jobs and your clients and everyone goes home happier.