Benefits for your company

Benefits of our massage for Employers:

Increases employee productivity
Boosts morale and results in greater creativity
Increased staff loyalty
Increased staff retention
Helps prevent absenteeism
Happy team and a relaxed office
Good reflection on the company 

Benefits of our massage for Employees:

Reduction in heart rate and blood pressure
Relief of headaches, back aches & muscle tension
Increases mental alertness and clarity
Relieves anxiety and stress
Helps to prevent Repetitive Strain Injury
Improves immune system
Feels really really nice! 

Stress Facts:

  • In 2009/10 an estimated 9.8 million working days were lost through work-related stress. 
  • On average, each person suffering from work-related stress took an estimated 22.6 days off in 2009/10.  This equates to an annual loss of 0.42 days per worker. Health & Safety Executive Statistics, 2009/10
  • A recent medical study has shown the effects of massage on stress, aggression levls, feelings of contentment and the immune system.: View the study on the health benefits of massage
  • Latest results indicate that in 2009/10 an estimated prevalence of 435 000 people in Great Britain, who worked in the last year, suffered from stress caused or made worse by their current or past work. This equates to 1500 per 100 000 people (1.5%) who worked in the last 12 months in Great Britain. Health & Safety Executive Statistics, 2009/10