Five great ways to reduce stress at work...

Feeling frazzled? At the end of your tether? Follow these 5 small suggestions to get you back in balance...

1. A little morning walk
This one's not really at work, but before. If you find your morning journey raises your stress levels significantly, get off the underground or bus one stop earlier and walk. Make sure you leave enough extra time for your journey and wrap up warm if it's chilly. A swift walk will release endorphins and you'll be surprised how much better you feel when you arrive.

2. Leave yourself an extra 5 minutes
Do you often have to leave the office for meetings? If you find you're always 'just making it' but feeling flustered, leave yourself an extra 5/10 minutes for the journey, this allows you time to breathe, check your notes and arrive as the picture of calm.

3. Use your lunch break
Even if you're super busy and only have time to scoff a sandwhich and get back to work, take those 10 minutes away from your computer; outside (away from traffic,) the kitchen/canteen, communal relaxing area. If your office has none of these maybe schedule a chat with the HR department and ask if it is possible to create one. Maybe reserving one of the meeting rooms during lunch hours for people to sit down together and eat?

4. Weekly get togethers
Reserve your Friday (or any day the suits you) lunchtime for a social lunch. Either arrange to meet a friend or invite your co-workers to a café/restaurant for the full length of your lunch break (yes, that means you can't sneak back to the computer early.) Be careful to ensure these do not turn into business meetings. If you all enjoy it try doing it every week or fortnight. If your office is based too far away to leave the building arrange to order in some pizza, sandwiches or currys from restaurants within the area.

5. Monthly treats
Talk to your supervisor about the possibility of corporate treats or incentives. As people work harder and for longer hours it is important that they feel treasured and appreciated. This ensures happier, more productive employees and a lower staff turn over, so even for a small budgeted team it's well worth looking in to. There are companies that come into offices to offer all sorts of things such as Indian Head Massage, Manicures, even Palm or Tarot readings. Have a chat with your colleagues about what they like the sound of and approach your chosen company to see if they will provide a free trial or discounted first session to see if it enhances your office.